Thursday, June 26, 2014

Live and Learn

In this unorthodox blog post I will be writing a poem. For those of you who don't already know this about me, I like to write poems about my thoughts because it is a creative way to reflect. So, without further or do...

Last night I planned for today to be a day for personal health, mindless relaxation 
I think tomorrow morning I will attend free group Tai Chi and learn this meditation
I set no alarm for this morning because I figured I could use some extra sleep
But 8am I woke up and felt fully rested, trust me this for Arya is quite the feat
Working on my blog and catching up with friends, I waited for Christopher to get out of bed
It was a little after 10, when ready to have breakfast was what the knock knock said
Today I had something different and new, very doughy with a date like jam for 75 cents
Called something rude to call an Indian by a Chinese because I accidentally gave her British pence.  
I finished my fourth blog post i the early afternoon, then played some badminton with the little tyke
We then went to the park where I put on a basketball clinic just like number 23, Mike
The teens I played against kept saying a phrase, it sounded like "an yos" but I may have heard wrong
When I asked what it meant "I happy" was the answer I heard to this phrase being sung like a song
They made me captain and my first pick caused a stir, but I had seen him practicing all day
After the game we dominated, he pulled me aside and told me the phrase really meant "you gay"
I had experienced racism and homophobia all in the same single "mediation" day
The first definition for gay is happy, so if to be gay means happy, let them be happy I say
Christopher and friends were playing futbol when bigger kids asked the better ones to join their game
Feelings hurt Christopher and company asked me to stand up for them because this was lame
I explained to them their true friends will come back and play with them after they see
The big kids only want us to play so that they can feel better and easily beat you and me
As we walked upstairs for super, showers and to get ready to watch America v Germany futbol
I recapped today's life lessons hoping Christopher learned, good, bad and ugly can be seen in all

The Site for most of today's events and the writing of "Live and Learn"
The All in One Park (Basketball, Scooters, Futbol) 

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