Sunday, June 29, 2014

See you in two weeks Singapore!

As the title above indicates, I am leaving Singapore. Tomorrow morning I am headed to the Philippines and Indonesia for 15 days. I am meeting up with the William and Mary professor who introduced me to my Singaporean hosts and is sponsoring my research and giving me academic credit for this blog and the ensuing paper/presentation. Francis Tanglao-Aguas was born in the Philippines and went to high school there before coming to the United States. We have discussed two different activities that I can partake in while in the Philippines. The first is to work with a humanitarian group in Tacloban who was recently hit by a horrible typhoon. Here are two articles. The first is about a lady's experience of this Typhoon the second is about a humanitarian aid group he has reached out to for us to work with.!projects/c21kz

The second project he mentioned was to spend some time or Boracay Island and do another education project. (Not the larger summer project of "why is Singapore number 2 in math education for 15 year old children and the USA is number 38 of 65 countries tested). This project would be to research why the social injustices on this island cause unequal education between the children of wealthy resort owners and the children of local workers. 

Because Today was my last day in Singapore (for a while, when I come back I am doing my main research project) Christopher's mom believed it was only appropriate to see NanYang Technological University, the only college in Singapore with a graduate teaching program (hence where all the teachers come from). Briefly, I will say that the school was very pretty and has an interesting history (basically people did not want to attend it for a long time because of they believed it had some ties to pro-communism ties in China, Google more about this if you want). The school is just outside the top 75 worldwide, but have no worries friends William and Mary boasts a spot around the top 200. This is a ranking of the school overall and not the education program at said school. I won't say anything more and just post a few pictures and a link to show this statistic.

Ed School Take 1

Ed School Take 2

Ed School take 3

It was raining or I would have stood in front of it

Very fitting

Inside the "Sunken Gardens"

"Sunken Gardens"

I ended my day with a 2-3 mile run as Christopher biked along side the canal that leads into the city.

Today's Thank You Shout-Out goes to one of my many "adopted" families. Before I post our beautiful family portrait I will write a bit about each member. Dad, thank you for all the good laughs and your unique sense of humor. I can honestly say that you can make anything funny and it is a joy to spend time with you. Furthermore, you have taught us what it truly means to enjoy life and those who you love. Mom, thank you for many dinners (especially all the frozen pizza), but furthermore thank you for your support and encouragement as I have gone from naive teenage babysitter to maturing young man. Thank you also for allowing me to come "home" whenever I am in town. Bro 1, first of all thank you for editing all these posts this summer. But more importantly, thank you for always being there for me even if we are just sarcastic and awful to each other it is okay because we do it because we care about each other. I wish you luck in all you do but know you have a good combination of street/social and intellectual intelligence to be successful in the world.  Bro 2, I am a bit upset you are now taller than me but I am proud of all you have accomplished this far in life. You always find a way to make me laugh (whether you mean to or just do something silly) but you also keep me youthful by making me play sports with you all day everyday. Good luck in high school next year, I know you will do great, IF you put in the time to anything you do. Sis, you have grown up a lot in the last few years. Our conversations used to be very bland and about all the friends and enemies you had. As you have grown you have become very curious about the world around you, especially about what makes people unique and different then each other. Keep this open mind, open attitude towards different things it will get you far in life. Well, enough gibberish. I miss you all and hope to see you soon.

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