Tuesday, July 15, 2014

ALL the INDONESIA PICTURES you could ever need (129)

This is how I "slept" for 1-2 hrs

I flew to Denpensar (so close to Australia!)

My first breakfast in Bali (Green leaf Pancakes) + Fruit

The Home Stay/Hotel Pic 1

The Home Stay/Hotel Pic 3

The Home Stay/Hotel Pic 2

The Home Stay/Hotel Pic 4

The Home Stay/Hotel Pic 5

Mama and Ari working in the kitchen

Papa had me try crab "cake" chips

Houses look like Temples

Temples look like Houses

Well some Temples do....

Offering + my new flipflops

Offering + Statues

Me + Offering + Statue

The Palace of Royal Family

Restaurant/ Spa built into forest on the water

Offering that shows everything has 4 sides (N,E.S.W)

A house across the way from the Restaurant 

A house across the way from the Restaurant 

Monkey Face

Arya like Buddha

Temple Statues + Me

Community pays for Reincarnation Cow

Reincarnation Cow
Artsy Pic with Papa

My Bed

View From my Room

Inside of Palace 1

Inside of Palace 2

Musicians for the Show

Musicians again

Opening Act

Opening Act 

Opening Act 

Opening Act

Second Act

Second Act

Second Act

Second Act

Monkey that was Inside the other

Monkey Inside the Other

Main Show

Main Show

Main Show

Main Show

Main Show


Main Show

Main Show

Main Show

Main Show

Main Show

Main Show

Main Show

Main Show

Found this on way home

Should I stay or Should I go

The Home stay Info

Community Reincarnation Animals

Pedicure no shame

Manicure no shame

Post Pedicure

Post Manicure

Chicken Noodle Soup-- Basko

Local Beer

Beer + Mango/Carrot Dessert

Cow Once More

Francis and Mama

Mama and me

Mama and me

Honor System Mini Bar

No Shoes Inside the Common Room

Israel at work in our "study"

Practicing for cremation 

Nasu Champur


Francis  + TSwift Icecream

Again no shoes Inside

List of all natural organic detox drinks

"Detox Delight"

Nasi Champur Beras Merah

Zucchini Chocolate Cake

Dance Program from night 1

Arya (Ari) + Ari

Francis + Ari + Mama

Did I mention my name is Common

Airplane Pic 1

Airplane Pic 2

Airplane Pic 3

Airplane Pic 4

The next set of photo's are all from the MONKEY FOREST! Some are pictures with me others they are among their peers. In most of them however, they are showing their "human like" way of life and intelligence. 

Fighting Monkeys

Temple Full of Monkeys

Did I say Monkey Temple

When you fail to feed a monkey

Dude look at the Camera

Mama and her baby

Groom me

Temple Pic

Fight some more

I will pose for a Banana

I will snack on your back

Shahriar finally smiling

Stealing Food

Still Stealing Food

Stealing Food... still

Can't get caught stealing food

Mom cleaning son

Can I just hang by your house?

How about on your power lines?

Momma has good milk

We are Family

We are Family Part 2

This looks like a place for a nap

Banana from Mom

Part of Temple

Holding her baby close

I will not share my snack

Our forest home

Lunch on a Statue

Hanging Around

Going to Pose here

Climbing Around

In my tree
Family Gathering

Massage Train on Money Changer

Who needs a tree I have this Roof

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