Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Goodbye Boracay

Today was my last day in Boracay. I am happy to report that today was a much better day. I also did not run into my "favorite" American tourist and particular vendors. For breakfast I had arguably the best pancakes I have ever had (W&M dinning services can't touch these). These two pancakes, which were bigger than my head, had crispy buttery edges with a flaky buttery interior stuffed with fresh and local mangos, pineapples and bananas. I did not take my phone down to breakfast, so I will add a picture tomorrow morning when I order them again.

After breakfast, the sun was shinning brightly for the first time since I flew into Boracay so I went to my room and quickly put on my swimsuit and ran out the door to spend a few hours in the Pacific Ocean. Below are some pictures I took.

$16 US for three hours on a Parasail

Beach Bod 

$16 US all day Rental

Water Angel

The water Massages me

Pretty Sail Boat, Water and Skies

"Selfie" Mode

Again Pretty Sail Boats, Water, Sky

From a little after 10 to a little after 2 I was at the beach. After this I walked around the little stores looking for small gifts for friends and family back home. Other than two really cool necklaces (Warthog tooth and a tiger tooth) I decided to just save my money and get things in Indonesia because I did not like most of what I saw and gifts would be cheaper in Indonesia. I had lunch at Andok's barbecue (a local favorite and recommended by Professor Aguas). For about 3 dollars here is what I had (barbecue, rice, water and beer). Somehow, everywhere I go dogs think (actually know) I will feed them if they sit by me. 

My Lunch

Please Feed Me
After lunch, I came back to the room and took a shower a nap. At around 5 pm (my time), I decided that I wanted to see Boracay at Night. It was the same as during the day (tourists and vendors) except for the sun went down around 6. Here are some pictures before I tell little stories about them. 

The Closest Sailboat's Sail is a map of the Philippines


Selfie Mode Storm Time Pre Dinner

A hotel for future visits?


Selfie Before The Storm Post Dinner

Night Storm Post Dinner


Crepes-- Dessert options part 1

Crepes-- Dessert options part 2

Alright my anecdotes on these pictures (I promise to be fast). 

1. The guy making the steak? My original picture of him did not save. The first time I walked by him (they were giving out free samples of the steak a little before it) he had 20 pieces the size of the one with a fork in it. The picture does not give it full justice. Think of a standard Pillow folded in half hamburger style, each of the twenty pieces was a little bigger. 
2. I ended up having dinner there because about 5 US dollars it was all you could eat steak and drink beer.I only had 2 beers because I filled myself up on steak.
3. After dinner I took more dinners and found a crepe stand where for about 2 US dollars I had mango, strawberries and vanilla ice-cream all inside a beautiful french pastry. As I had my dessert a group of 4 kids around 6 or 7 approached me trying to sell me bracelets. I felt bad not buying one but I only wear necklaces and I did not really like them enough to make them presents. I asked the kid who asked me first if I could just give him some money so that he and the others could share it. He said no because the business would be mad when they learned he did not sell anything and wonder how he got the money. So what did I do? With the kids following me I headed back to the sports bar where they also had a sign that hamburgers were buy one get one free and for a little over 2 US dollars I bought these four kids dinner. 

I am now back in my room. I have called my parents via Skype before writing this post to inform them that tomorrow I will be in route to Indonesia. As soon as I publish this post I will be taking a nap so I can get up to watch the Argentina game (at 4 am my time) before flying out at around 10 am (10 pm EST time).

Today's thank you shout-out (we are going back to 1 person) so I do not run out of people too quickly. Today's thank you is to Mr. Kai Noble. It is not a traditional thank you other than for him putting up with my teasing through the years. Kai is my youngest cousin on my moms side and my only boy cousin on this side. As a result, he is like the little brother I never had growing up. While I tease him and mess with him, I also (hopefully) guide him in becoming a well rounded young man (school, music and sports) and teach him about understanding people and their differences. As of the last time I spoke with him he also had a girl friend (ow ow, but really congrats little bro that is one thing you have over me at the moment). I wish you success and happiness as you start middle school next year and know and see what kind of young man you are becoming. You still can be a kid at times but you really have grown up in the last few times I have seen you. I love you buddy and hope to see you soon (it was great coming to your graduation!)

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