Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Relationship with Rain (A Poem)

Hello Everyone,

Today I finished my poem about rain and relationships while sitting on the beach in Boracay. I will post pictures of this beautiful resort Island first to set a happier mood before you read my poem. I also want to write my Thank You shout-out at this time. It is only appropriate to thank all the nuns of Saint Scholastica for all they provided for me during my trip but more importantly what they provide for their students. For me the list is short and simpler: an opportunity to teach mathematics and religion, a bedroom (that was honestly nicer and no doubt bigger than WM dorms) and sight-seeing car rides (and a ride to the airport at 5 am today). Thank you Sisters. More importantly I want to recognize what they have provided for the scholars. They have built a school that prepares children k-12 for college and college students to work in fields such as pharmacy, psychology and nursing all around the world. Preparing them not only academically but also socially and mentally to accept both different people and adversity with a sense of bravery and strength. These students know they can make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others. They go to school from 7 am to 5 pm 6 days a week (Sunday is their day off). Their smiles, hard-work and respect for everyone (every time I passed one, "Good .... Sir.... How are you today, Sir?". I have no doubt that these sisters love these children and see them as their own. Truly working at this school and with the students and nuns was remarkable and life changing experience for me. THANK YOU TACLOBAN, I WILL BE BACK!

My last Picture of Tacloban

Off the Plane, Onto the Boat

Close up of a Boat

A 1 Minute Walk from my Hotel

Beach (1 Minute away Again)

May Rent a Sailboat

Sail Boat out at Sea

Same Sail Boat

My Relationship with Rain (A Poem)

If rain were to be a human, who would it be?
A significant other, I'll explain you'll see.

Relationships can build you up, but also tear you down.
Just like the rain that creates smiles for some, while others frown.

Children playing in the hot sun all day will welcome rain.
Rain is nice and cool just like "the one for me" we proclaim.

Rain can also create and sustain different types of life.
Building a relationship, some look for a husband or wife.

Every good thing can also be bad at different times.
Just like my attempts to make my poems have perfect rhymes.

You familiar with the expression when it rains it pours.
Relationships can bring the heart many different sores. 

Roofless houses in Tacloban dislike the rain.
Sometimes a relationship will bring you much pain.

Both rain and relationships can cause pain and destruction.
So why would they exist if they cause so much corruption?

Ev-er-y-thing in the world can be potentially bad.
The children of Tacloban taught me smile and be glad.

For we are alive but we cannot control all parts of life.
Defining who we are and who we be-friend to avoid strife. 

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