Tuesday, July 8, 2014

"O'er the land of the free and the home of the ..."

I was not planning to make a post today. But, after a wonderful Skype catch-up session with Ms. Lovisa Odelia...(something cool and Swedish), I encountered the good, the bad and the ugly of American tourists in foreign countries. For the good, it not only allows us to see a country and culture different than our own but we also help stimulate other countries economies through our purchases and word of mouth to friends and family to visit the same place (assuming we had a good stay). As for the later two (bad and ugly), to put it simply some American's go out and make all American's look like naive and insensitive morons. I am talking about the man who was sitting one table over from me at Breakfast. As soon as his food came he called over all the local Filipino employees around, tried to get the attention of other guests (from Europe, Australia etc.) who were having a nice breakfast and began talking about the problems of America and how he would fix them. Of the many things I heard, the three I laughed the most about were..
a. I personally think we should charge all Mexicans $5000 US to come to the States. With this money we can put a GPS into them so we know where they are and what they are doing at all times. If they commit any crime, we can instantly deport them. We could just do this with all immigrants. 
b. Gays are unhappy because they have not found the right person of the opposite gender. They trick themselves into thinking they are happy but really we should deport them all to Mexico too if they don't admit that they really aren't gay.
c. Both of these problems (Mexicans and Gays) are all Obama's fault. If given the opportunity I would .... him.

It was barely 10 am yet and my day was already looking bad. Sorry to all of those that I vented on Facebook and the such to about this. First, both my parents are immigrants. Secondly, some of my closest friends are Gay/Lesbian and they are happy and you are not going to change them or that. Third, I don't agree with everything Obama says or does, (without giving out my political views more than to say I am a liberal) but common man. I understand that everyone is entitled to their beliefs, but I am disgusted that this guy would choose to say such things and portray this kind of hateful speech. Professor Aguas actually told me before he left how the Philippines are one of the most accepting countries of homosexuality (many of the countries celebrities and big figures are known to be Gay). I guess Macklemore was right, "America the brave, still fear what we don't know." This guy was clearly insensitive and again I cannot tell him or anyone what to think but trust me I could barely stomach my food and scarfed it down just so I wouldn't have to hear anymore of his thoughts.

After breakfast I went to pick up my laundry (the hotel is very affordable. 2 grocery bags of laundry cost me $4 US). Guess who I saw on the way? The pearl guy reminding me that he had black pearls to sell me. He offered to drop the price to a whopping $190 US but said if I remember our meeting on Friday he would drop the price even more. I kind of wish I knew how much he would drop it to (I swear they are plastic and not even pearls). If you forgot I told him Friday was good because I leave Thursday at 10 am. If you forgot I also told him I have the equivalent of $23 US dollars. Maybe he still did not believe me or understand me yesterday. 

I went back to my room and waited for my laundry to be delivered (they assured me it would be in next 30 minutes). I waited for about two hours and just as I was coming downstairs to ask again they met me on the staircase and apologized saying some pieces needed to be dried with a hair dryer. At this point I decided I needed a nap to clear my head. I did not wake up till around 6 pm. I honestly regret having wasted my day. I wanted to go see the International School, I could have gone to the beach but I instead just slept in my room. 

Tomorrow I will try and do everything (a visit to the school and a half day at the beach). I ordered room service for dinner (Shrimp, Veggies and Garlic Bread). This place is known for excellent and seafood (and it was excellent and cheap, $4 US dollars). Since, then I have sat on Facebook, watched some Tom and Jerry and am  currently waiting up to watch Germany v. Brazil. 

I am sorry if I sound whiney or upset (not my intention) and again I apologize to everyone I vented to about my encounter with Mr. America. I realize now how simple minded I have become. I do not care for touristy parts of vacation. I am more happy to learn about the historical and cultural parts of each place that most won't know about or want to know about. Or even go someplace where I can make a difference in someone else's life (Tacloban).

Today we also get a general thank you shout (Facebook community) and to two different people. The first is a repetition of everyone I vented to on Facebook. Now for direct people: Jackie Ross, Logan Hamilton and Jesse Barkin.

I will start with Jackie. I have only known her for about a year now but she is one of the most funny, fun, caring, and down to earth people I know. The first time I met her I was wearing my W&M quidditch shirt at a Fantasy Tournament last summer in NC (I was unable to play due to knee rehab). Jackie asked me if I played for W&M and after I said yes I was given a buddy team hug and later found out (a good hour + later) that she was president of UNCG (our out of state buddy team who we would play twice a year, both schools hosting one game). Since then we have become good friends via Facebook communication (talk about everything and anything) and gift swaps at all Quid Events. From Quidditch owls to sunscreen and a watch she has me covered. I feel bad only giving her shirts (but she claims to always wear them and get compliments). Thank You Jackie and can't wait to see you!


Our Only Pic Together

Logan (Fonz) Hamilton. I could write a lot about you, about how good of a friend you have been to me, about our fun times (bowling pin night) both on and off the field. I honestly could write about a lot. Like how you were the captains that brought William and Mary Quidditch their first V for Victories ever? Thank you Logan for all the great memories and a friendship that I am sure will last a lifetime. I wish you luck with LSAT, work and life now that you have left me but I know I will be in close contact with you. Thank you for sticking with me through good times and bad times these last few years. Thank you for everything man and see you soon!

"I got you bro"
Last but not least I need to thank Jesse Barkin. If you do not know Jesse, I highly recommend you should. I unfortunately do not have a picture of just the two of us and I do not think for this thank you posting a picture of a group of people (Jesse and I included) is appropriate. Jesse Barkin has been a good friend to me through college but what many do not know is that Jesse was there for me at one of my worst times. Freshman year I went through a horrible breakup (I am over it now, but long story short gf of three years lied and cheated on me). I felt awful. I cried, I thought of death, I was struggling in school so bad that my mom began adding additional pressure that made me start to question my existence and purpose). One night (before I joined AEPi, Jesse was a new brother), I came to the house crying. Jesse also a freshman at the time started talking to me. He told me that I have a purpose we all do (I just have not found it), he told me all the good things about my personality, reminded me how death was not the answer, how I could find better happiness with a different girl and how I deserved to be at W&M and could do better. Jesse thank you for helping me at this time. The next semester (spring Freshman year) I took Jesse's encouragement and got almost a 3.7 GPA raising my cumulative GPA by over .6 points. I keep your words close to my heart at all times. Thank you for Jesse!

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