Thursday, July 10, 2014

Until we meet again Philippines...

Hello Everyone,
This morning I did not go to bed till after 6 am because I was watching Argentina make it to the World Cup Final! I honestly did not sleep much at all because I had to be up by 7 am to get ready to leave. At breakfast I had the divine pancakes again (I should have had them the other two days). 

Holy Grail of Pancakes

After breakfast I went back to my room to pack up and then hit the road. I had saved enough money for the trip back to the airport (2 motor-cycle taxi's, the boat) to protect and keep Boracay clean agency and for a day excursion once I got to the capital of the Philippines (Manila). At the boat station I was waiting in what seemed to be the longest line possible and I began to fear I would miss my flight (I had just over an hour and a half left) and there were a good 50 people in front of me buying tickets 1 by 1 and they would fill up the boats waiting to take people back. As I waited anxiously an American approached me. He asked me how I enjoyed Boracay and handed me both a boat ticket and a keep Boracay Safe and Clean voucher (he had paid for both). He smiled, refused to take my money and told me to pay it forward on the next part of my journey. As I walked to the boat, I saw him to do this with 20 other families/individuals. Here are the pictures I took as we left Tacloban for the Katiclan airport. 

We landed in Manila at around 10:20 am. My flight to Indonesia was not supposed to leave until 8:55 pm so I decided to see Manila. One thing that people love to do all around the world is buy things. So, I went to the SM Mall of Asia. I really do not need to say much except it was the biggest mall I have ever seen (according to Wikipedia it is the 10th biggest in the world and has 1080+ stores). I will let my pictures do the talking and add a link to their website if you want to check it out: Click here for their website

One of like 100? entrances

Ice Skating Rink in the Mall

I wasn't lying

View of Ocean from Mall

Mall even has an Amusement Park connected to it

Kids can play in this Bounce House

Or mom and her son

Giant Globe Outside the Mall

One Entrance

Nice fountains just Outside the Mall

I liked the bright colored Animal Sculptures

FIBA (International Basketball Association) Philippines Jersey

The Beard up CLose

I think I did a good job of exercising control, I only bought the Jersey (think World Cup but basketball for those of you who do not know of FIBA) and paid to get my beard trimmed nicely. I am now sitting in Manila airport (checked in like 6 hours) early waiting for my 9:00 pm flight to Indonesia. I will post this, find dinner, then take a nap until my flight boards. Update: airports everywhere are over priced haha. I was 5 pesos short of the cheapest thing at every place (and they don't take debit card). Thus, I ate like a broke college student, snacks that I had traveled with.

Dinner was Pineapple Juice, TJays Almond Buter and Matzos. 

Today I want to say thank you to my little Josh Zimmerman. Josh has one of the kindest hearts I know. I would post the picture but it may not be appropriate so I will just inform you that he offered to play music and sing with local pre-preschoolers at his Synagogue and the kids loved it. Josh is not only good with children but also with his peers. Whenever I tell someone he is my little, they say something along the lines of awe Josh is so nice, he is so funny, he is so much fun. Josh truly is a remarkable character, through his musical talents (plays a lot of instruments), his charismatic personality (literally just talked about that) and his internal strength I know he will do great things for the world once he finishes College. When Josh was rushing and then pledging he reminded me a lot of my high school ex. (We have talked about this it is no secret). I was afraid to get to close with him at times thinking it would remind me of her. However, Josh unintentionally showed me and helped me remember the saying, "Do not judge a book by its cover." Josh had similarities to her whether it was the music, the spunky sarcastic witty banter but at the same time caring. However, I was able to see them as Josh's characteristics and not hers. I can't wait to have you back at school and I know that you are excited to come back and beat me in tennis. 

P.S. If you have never heard Josh sing and play Ukulele, guitar, Mandolin etc.. you do not know what you are missing. Ask for a video, live performance or attend his next homebrew!

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