Sunday, July 20, 2014

Week 1 back in Singapore

Hello again everyone,

I am still alive, despite the almost one week gap between posts. I really have not done much too much hence the gap between posts. Every few days I go into SMU (Singapore Management University) and spend a few hours working on my summer thesis (community values and how they relate to education). If you have talked to me recently (in the last week) it was also on a day that I went into SMU. Why? Because my new apartment has no WiFi. I am now living with Ann who is an event assistant/secretary for Dr. Singh. She lives in an older but nicer part of the city. First it is much quieter due to less traffic then the center of city. Also, with no MRT train station and instead only a bus station there is less noise. Secondly, the area is much more diverse (within a 3 minute walk there are Buddhist and Taoist Temples, Mosques and Churches). On days that I do not go to SMU, I have explored the neighborhood, worked on the paper from my room and began reading the Qu'ran. I have made some friends at work. Most notably a Princeton Graduate who work in the office of Special Projects with the President named John and a Northwestern Graduate named Natalia. I have met many other IVY league grads (Max and Neil to name a few) who are friends with John. Singapore seem to be the happening place for recent high achieving college graduates who can work right away and then go back to Grad School in a few years (John, Max and Natalia's plan). I also have learned the bus system (after getting lost twice). I finally caved and bought a local cell phone so I can call my friends here and make plans rather than only communicate with them when I can get WiFi to check my email. I also learned my work ID can get me into the gym so I am planning to lift 2-3 times a week. I really do not have much to report so here are a good amount of pictures that I have taken.

I saw this today and am seriously considering it

Gym bench told me to cover it

Mall promotes Selfies with their artsy benches 

Purse Bench

High Heel Bench

Watch Bench

Bow Tie Bench

Bow Tie Bench Break

Sun Glasses Bench

Bus Routes and Times

Dinner a few nights Ago
Technically not part of my trip unless you include the fact that I have been talking to all of you a lot more since getting back to Singapore. But Arielle and her love for monkeys is quite funny and needed to be mentioned.
Arielle likes monkey pictures

A piece in the art museum 

Description of hair piece

Another piece in art museum 

We went to a benefits concert (electric  ukulele)

Dinner at the concert

John and I (Natalia in background) toasting

I guess I am a Punk now?

Park with two temples in back

Escalators done right

Caved and got a local cell
Today's thank you shout out (we have not done one of these in a while) goes to no other than Mr. Ric Norton. Chances are he won't see this but that is not important. Ric was my first boss, when i worked at Swiss Valley Ski Resort in Jones, Michigan as a teen. He taught me the importance of giving everything 110% 100% of the time, He taught me about the importance of doing things you love despite money or any other factors and Ric and Swiss was my second home, my second family. I hope my children will be skiing and snowboarding as soon as possible so they can meet Ric and the Swiss crew. Every time I go back to Swiss now Ric treats me like his son giving me a free lift ticket, a lunch voucher and even asking me to work with the new instructors. Who knows, maybe someday I can "work" at Swiss when/if I retire.

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