Saturday, August 16, 2014

Final Reflection (A poem)

Hello Friends and Family,

I have a few announcements. First, this is the last post on this Blog. Thank you for keeping up with my adventures, we are at 1,147 views as I write this. If you want to know how many  "final" views I ended up with (after this post is released) don't be afraid to ask. Second, I am home safe and sound (and have been for the last two nights). If you haven't heard from me, it is because I am recovering from 30 + hours of travel & a 12 hour time difference, while trying to spend quality time with my dad. He leaves for Kansas tomorrow morning. I have put a lot of thought about how I want to end this Blog and I decided that I will end it with a poem. So, without further or do here it is, the name is Final Reflection.

Bill Nye said, "everyone in the world knows something you don't"
So, my challenge to you is to meet every person alive, you won't!?

Alright, my challenge is not feasible or the main idea of this quote
You can always learn from someone else, so listen and take note

Everyone and everything have ways to become better and improve
So don't say, naw I am okay, I like where I am, this is my groove

Traveling is one of the best ways to open your mind, to new stuff
Food, music, history, etc. one can never experience & try enough

I am not saying having the experience alone, is what people need
Being open to others ideas and lifestyles, will help you succeed 

Molding your identity, that updates quicker than Apple's new iOS
Find out who you want to be and how to get there, try not to stress

Find the right people who will help you get where you want to go
As Levitt & Dubner wrote, ask for help and say, "I don't know"

We are all able and destined to do great things if we want to
But again step one is to be open, honest and to yourself true

"Words and ideas can change the world", Robin Williams said
Open your mind and learn from others, soon you'll be ahead

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